Our tailored services include Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and other grants consulting

  • 100% success with grant acquisition

  • Unlimited campaigns and ad groups creation

  • Weekly ad performance improvement and optimization

  • Ongoing communication, monthly reporting, and a live dashboard

Human resources consulting

  • Compensation, performance, and change management consulting

  • Retention, motivation, and engagement program development

  • Feedback generation, implementation, and analysis

  • Talent hiring, development, and oversight tools

  • Executive and key-personnel searches

Technology consulting, and more!

  • General technical assistance and planning

  • Salesforce grant acquisition, implementation, and support

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Data management

Anthony Babbitt, PhD, MS, MCSE: Anthony has worked extensively with private for-profit and non-profit organizations. His expertise lies in team-building and solving organizational challenges. With degrees in business administration (human resources concentration) and psychology, as well as several certifications in the IT field, he has a diverse educational background which allows him to bring innovative solutions to problems new and old. He is currently completing a doctoral program in education administration and leadership. 

​Babbitt Consulting is highly respected in the world of nonprofit consulting. Our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges facing nonprofits and educational institutions makes us a great choice for resolving your issues quickly and efficiently. If your organization needs a technology boost, check us out. Our goal is to ensure that organizations maximize both the effectiveness and use of their technological resources. If your organization needs help, look into retaining us or adding us to your board. All consulting proceeds support our non-profit mission!

Babbitt Consulting offers non-profit consulting services specializing in technology grant acquisition and management. Instead of attempting to navigate the intricate process on their own, many nonprofits trust Babbitt consulting to create, maintain, and optimize their digital ad campaigns. Babbitt Consulting takes the guesswork and burden out of technology grant management so that your nonprofit can focus on other mission-critical work. Whether you need to acquire a Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, or another grant, maximize your ad performance, or even reactivate a suspended account, our grant experts can help you reach your objectives. Babbitt Consulting can help your nonprofit secure and maximize your grant awards.

Babbitt Consulting stands head and shoulders above the rest in the realm of human resources consulting. Our focus on talent management and operational streamlining spans nearly a decade. Our consulting services are tailored for small to medium-sized organizations hoping to optimize their human resources processes. Growing organizations must build scalable HR processes to support sustainable growth. Babbitt Consulting can assist with retaining, engaging, and developing the personnel who support and believe in your mission.

Babbitt Consulting is a terrific option for nonprofits desiring external technology guidance. As a leader in the nonprofit consulting field, we are the perfect partner to take your technology to the next level. We can assist in building your donor management system from the ground up and rectify gaps in your current infrastructure. We understand a comprehensive, adaptive, user-friendly technology platform is essential to operating any nonprofit organization. Babbitt Consulting can help your nonprofit enter the information age. If your organization needs help, look into retaining us or adding us to your board. All consulting proceeds support our non-profit mission!