Is Babbitt Family Foundation a 501(c)3 non-profit organization?

Yes, we are! As such, any donations you make are tax-deductible. As a non-profit, grant-making foundation, we support causes around the world. We even allow restricted donations that allow you to designate the recipient of your donation!

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! As an IRS-registered 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, any donation made to us is tax-deductible. We even accept restricted donations! Even though we are a family foundation, anyone in the public may donate and help support our causes. When you donate, you join the family!

What are restricted donations?

Restricted donations are donations received that are restricted to how the money can be used. For instance, we've all seen GoFundMe campaigns to help people who have lost jobs, incurred medical expenses, or suffered a natural disaster. Donations to individuals are typically not tax-deductible. With a restricted donation, you can donate to us instead and direct the money be distributed to the individual recipient. This allows you to help an individual while still obtaining a tax deduction! Contact us directly for more information or to set up a restricted donation.

Are you an operating or non-operating foundation?

As a grant-making foundation, the IRS deems us to be non-operating. This means we do not run our own charitable programs. Instead, we donate to other charities' programs or directly to individuals.

How do I verify you are a legitimate non-profit?

The status of any non-profit can be verified with the IRS at: Search by organization name and you will find our IRS status, determination letter, and tax returns!

When will I receive items ordered through the shop?

All of our items for sale are fulfilled by Printful, our designated shop partner. When you place an order, your delivery times are provided and a method of contacting Printful is included. They will have the most accurate shipping information for you.

Do you take suggestions on where to donate?

Yes! However, if we decide not to donate to a particular cause, you can still make a restricted donation which will require your donation be sent to the cause you designate. We have altered our grant-making philosophy over time and always value input from interested people!

Why do you make microfinance grants instead of giving money away?

We believe in a hand up, not a handout. When you give money away, it is used one time and gone for good. With microfinance, instead of giving to random people, we give to people who have a plan to make their lives better. This could be improving their home, their business, or their education. We provide funding to them to accomplish their goals and improve their lives. When they are finished, they return the money so we can help other people in the future. Our decision to engage in microfinance is based on the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. He determined the return-on-investment of microfinance aid was over 1200%! This is far higher than we achieved with handouts. As a small non-profit, we want to help as many people as possible, so we have to make our dollars stretch further!

How are my donations used?

100% of public donations go to the causes we support, with the foundation covering transaction and other fees. This means that if you donate $100 and we pay a $3.50 transaction fee, the Foundation covers the fee. This ensures all $100 donated will go to the people we support. You can view the people we have supported here: Zidisha Donor Page Kiva Donor Page

Frequently Asked Questions