The Gladiator Award honors those​ people who inspire us with their acts of determination, fortitude, or resilience in the face of opposition and adversity!

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to honor someone deserving of this award. For this reason, each month we accept nominations and identify one winner of the Gladiator Award, free of charge! This award is suitable to be included on resumes, LinkedIn, and social media.

We recommend this award be given publicly, so it will serve to inspire others too. The reasons for the award should be shared with the recipient, publicly or in a private setting. Be prepared for tears and hugs!

The following rules apply to Gladiator Awards:

  • Award is based on effort, not outcome. Gladiators don't always win, but they always try.

  • Award must not be used to denigrate anyone. This is an uplifting award.

  • Award does not advocate or support any nationality, religion, gender, political party, or other groups. Gladiators come from all ethnicities, nations, religions, genders, or other identifying groups.

  • Award may be rescinded at any time for any reason jeopardizing the integrity or reputation of the award for past and future recipients.

To bypass the nomination process and give your own Gladiator Award, click below instead.

Gladiator Award Nomination Form