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Volunteerism is an important part of our mission. We act as and recruit volunteers for several non-profits focused on education, including the National Soaring Museum and the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center. Volunteers help educate the public in their roles with these organizations.



Based on the work done by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, we support microloans to individuals via Kiva and Zidisha. We also focus on developing countries to magnify our impact. With a 1200% return-on-investment and a focus on the most underprivileged but hardest working people in the world, our foundation achieves incredible results for every dollar donated.



We make financial contributions to non-profits and students focused on education. These include the W. Edwards Deming Institute, Wikimedia, the Khan Academy, and the Critical Thinking Foundation. We also provide food, clothing, and equipment to a variety of non-profits in the areas we serve. 


Our Causes