Anthony & Amanda Babbitt

The founders and primary donors of Babbitt Family Foundation. Their donations of both time and money have helped people around the world. Hopefully, their efforts will continue in the decades to come and inspire others to lend a helping hand whenever possible!

Arnot Health


Arnot Health donates equipment they have determined to be at the end of its useful life, but which we are able to re-purpose in local nonprofit organizations. Thank you, Arnot Health!



Bringing together a variety of offers for nonprofits, TechSoup helps us fulfill our mission in a multitude of ways. Their support assists us in finding new opportunities to serve our communities, and more effectively fulfill our mission. Thank you, TechSoup!

National Soaring Museum

The National Soaring Museum has been gracious enough to donate out-of-service equipment which we repurposed in another area nonprofit. Thank you, National Soaring Museum!



Google for Nonprofits


Google generously provides us with a variety of free services which support us in our mission. These include G Suite for Nonprofits, Google Ad Grants, Youtube Nonprofit Program, and Google Donation Tools. Google's support has proven vital to our success! Thank you, Google!

Microsoft for Nonprofits



Microsoft provides us with multiple licenses for Office 365, as well as a variety of other software packages in the cloud. Without their support, fulfilling our mission would be much more difficult. Thank you, Microsoft!

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