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Updated: Mar 25

Anthony Babbitt, PhD, MS, MCSE


Babbitt, Anthony (2021, August 29). Little pup plays hide & seek. Amazon.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, December 31). 'Grandfather' of homeless animals graduates from veterinary program to care for stray dogs. Good News Network.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, October 6). 6 tips for hiring employees without falling into a trap. Enterprise League.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, August 30). The most important question in psychology. Medium.

Media Mentions

Editors (2022, February 7). Should you tell a narcissist they are a narcissist? UpJourney.

Editors (2022, January 27). Understanding differences between APR and APY.

Editors (2021, December 7). What happens when you sue someone with no money. UpJourney.

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Editors (2021, February 23). 30+ signs she doesn't like you more than a friend. UpJourney.

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Snook, Ann (2021, February 2). Are ethical companies more profitable? i-Sight.

Nance-Nash, Sheryl (2021, January 22). Old-fashioned bartering is back. Here's a guide to smart swapping.

Nance-Nash, Sheryl (2021, January 22). A beginners' guide to bartering.

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