Publications & Media Mentions

Updated: Nov 4

Amanda Babbitt, MS, MFA, CMPE

Media Mentions

Guest Speaker (2021, March 11). Montréal: an ideal gateway to North America for Israeli companies. Montreal International.

Editors (2021, March). “All systems go” for launch of digital nerve centre to help improve care. JGH News.

Tollinsky, Norm (2021, February). Analytics dashboard monitors COVID-19 patients at hospital and at home. Canadian Healthcare Technology, 26(2), 8.

Editors (2020, September). CIUSSS West-Central Montreal is first in Quebec to text negative COVID-19 tests. Kimoby.

Editors (2020, July 2). CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal part of strategic alliance to provide digital mental health services to patients. The Suburban.

EQ Care (2020, May 14). EQ Care, CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal form strategic alliance to provide digital mental health services to patients in collaboration with MAISHA Labs. Yahoo Finance.

Elfassi, Joseph (2020, May 11). Prédire les passages des patients. CScience.

Editors (2019, June). eClinicalWorks case study: Granger Medical Clinic. eClinicalWorks.

Editors (2017, November 27). A patient-centric, independent clinic in Utah. eClinicalWorks.

Siladi, Adam (2017, September). Granger: Where doctors and data rule. eClinicalWorks.

Anthony Babbitt, PhD, MS, MCSE


Babbitt, Anthony (2021, August 29). Little pup plays hide & seek. Amazon.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, December 31). 'Grandfather' of homeless animals graduates from veterinary program to care for stray dogs. Good News Network.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, October 6). 6 tips for hiring employees without falling into a trap. Enterprise League.

Babbitt, Anthony (2020, August 30). The most important question in psychology. Medium.

Media Mentions

Orford, Rick (2021, November 3). How to improve your credit score [fast] using these 29 best ways. The Financially Independent Millennial.

Editors (2021, October 9). Prioritizing your business name ideas to get the most out of your business. Entertainment Music.

Panwar, Parveen (2021, February). Anthony Babbitt of the Babbitt Family Foundation: “Plan the changes and improvements you will make in your life”. Thrive Global.

Editors (2021, February 26). Bad branding: 16 critical branding mistakes and how to avoid them. Enterprise League.

Editors (2021, February 23). 30+ signs she doesn't like you more than a friend. UpJourney.

The Tax Defenders. (2021, February 16). I just won the lottery. What tax problems did I just “win?”. Author.

Snook, Ann (2021, February 2). Are ethical companies more profitable? i-Sight.

Nance-Nash, Sheryl (2021, January 22). Old-fashioned bartering is back. Here's a guide to smart swapping.

Nance-Nash, Sheryl (2021, January 22). A beginners' guide to bartering.

Christensen, Matt (2021, January 19). Your LinkedIn profile is likely a mess. Here's how to fix it. Yahoo Finance.

Christensen, Matt (2021, January 19). 12 simple LinkedIn profile tips to help you stand out from the pack. Fatherly.

Nan Liew, Shan (2021, January 18). How to name a new business in Malaysia 2021. The Genesis Times.

Orford, Rick (2020, January 13). Personal finance tips: An anthology to review and bookmark in 2021. The Financially Independent Millenial.

Panwar, Parveen (2020, January 5). Emotional intelligence: What it is, why it is so essential, and how we can increase it. Authority Magazine.

Holmes, Katie (2020, December 10). How to be a good team player: 13 key qualities. OutwitTrade.

Morson, Jenn (2020, November 30). Should you borrow from your retirement account to keep your business afloat? LegalZoom.

Madell, Robin (2020, November 18). PhDs and business leaders weigh in on the costs and benefits of getting your doctorate degree, and how to decide if it's the right move for your career. Business Insider.

De Bara, Deanna (2020, November 18). How to get better at saying 'no' to your boss. Lattice.

Kowarski, Ilana (2020, November 16). What can you do with a psychology degree? U.S. News & World Report.

Schooley, Skye (2020, November 13). Pros and cons of offering tuition reimbursement.

Naylor, Ryan (2020, November 9). How to be a great boss. VivaHR.

Orford, Rick (2020, November 9). How to improve your credit score - the 29 best ways. The Financially Independent Millennial.

Schooley, Skye (2020, November 2). 3 steps to improving poor employee performance. Business News Daily.

Caparrotta, Martin (2020, October 23). How to be humble and confident (According to 9 experts). Human Window.

Carosa, Chris (2020, October 11). Parents: Teach your children (to retire) well. Forbes.

Nikolova, Klaudija (2020, September 4). 23 proven ways to reduce operating cost of your business without losing efficiency. Enterprise League.

deBara, Deanna (2020, September 4). Should compensation and performance be linked? Lattice.

Pierce, Dennis (2020, September 4). Online proctoring keeps remote exams secure but raises privacy questions. eCampus News.