Who Is Writing Your Story?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Everyone's life, that is to say, your life is a story about you. Each of us writes the stories of our own lives every day. We produce, direct, and star in the movies of our past, present, and future. What is your character's story? 

From what circumstances did your character originate? Did he overcome misfortune? Does she subdue her challengers and correct her missteps? How has life battered and broken him? Will she alter the direction of her life to start down a different path?

Who is your character today? Are you someone with stories and laughter? Do you cry too often and laugh too loudly? Are they a polished product or still in the rough draft? Is each new day an ordeal or a blessing?

Where will your character end up? Who will you grow to become? What embarrassments and failures will you cherish in later years? If you cannot look yourself in the eye today, will you be able tomorrow?

We all write the story of ourselves. Make your story not just the kind you want to read, but the kind you want to live.