You Are The Product.

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I realized something while reading through the Sunday ads. They reminded me of resumes... for products. It dawned on me that a resume is really just a product ad. I am the product. My resume tells what my product can do, has done, and alludes to what it may be capable of.

When viewing your product ad (resume), you must ask yourself, 'Would anyone want to buy this product?'. What does this product (you) do to help a business? How does this product (you) make a business more money, or at least enough money to justify its cost? What are the advantages & disadvantages of this product (you)?

Does this product need an upgrade? (More education) Is the product pleasing to look at? (Time for a tailor?) Has this product been taken care of? (Gym membership?) Is this product user-friendly? (Therapy?) Does this product interface with other, similar products? (Volunteering, Friends, or Business Associates?) Is this product being utilized to its fullest? (Time to change jobs?) How does this product compare to other similar products or differentiate itself? (Competition in your field?)

This reminds me to review my features (skill set). This reminds me to perform maintenance & upgrades (continuing education). This reminds me that while I am a person, I am also a commodity being offered in a market place of competing products. Time to ensure I shine through the crowd. Why?

Because just like me, you are the product.