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TajikistanTemurmalik, Tajikistan


Nizoramo, a 50-year-old woman, lives in the Dangara District. She is a kind and decent woman who has a husband and two children. Nizoramo’s son is a student. He is studying at university. She pays for his studies every year. We helped Nizoramo afford her son's ongoing education.

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Taytay, Palawan, Philippines


Nicky is 32 years old and married with three children. She runs a general store in the Philippines and requested a loan to restock items like canned goods, personal care products, etc. She has been in this business for 6 years. In the future, she would like to build and expand her business to secure the future of her family.

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San Sebastián de Yalí, Nicaragua


Danelia is a fighter. She has managed to overcome the economic difficulties with a steady income from the sale of milk, curd, and livestock sales. She also grows basic grains to cover her household needs. She received a loan to cultivate 6 acres of beans and corn, as well as pay for labour and seeds. She already has compost and fertilizers in order to improve her crops.

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Martha is a fighter and a hard-working small farmer. She dedicates herself to cultivating basic grains which she grows with her husband. With this labor as the main income they have been able to survive. She used her loan to establish 11 acres of beans and corn. She invested in seeds, compost, and fertilizers that allowed her to obtain very good harvests.

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Madame Sylvie
Goma, North Kivu, Congo


Madame Sylvie is 39 years old, married, and the mother of eight children. Her spouse is a shepherd. Since 2013, she has been selling various products. With her loan, she purchased 50kg of sugar, rice, oil, flour, and soap to strengthen her inventory. She would like her children to continue their studies and she would like to build a permanent home.

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Concepción, Paraguay


Ariel is studying for a degree in accounting. He comes from a determined family who have taught him sacrifice and work hard to achieve everything that you set out to do. His goal is to finish his degree, obtain employment in his profession, and help his loved ones. He received a loan to pay his university fees and continue his studies.

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Goma, North Kivu, Congo


Anifa is a married, 37-year-old mother of six school children. Her spouse is a photographer. Since 2015, she operates a restaurant. Her loan allowed her to buy supplies of fish, flour, potatoes, rice and oil. The biggest challenge with her business is the closure of restaurants during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Goma, North Kivu, Congo


Liliane is a 27-year-old, married mother of two children. Her husband is a businessman. She established her business selling fried fish three years ago. With her loan, she bought supplies for her business. She would like to eventually build a wooden house for her growing family.

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Nyinahin, Ashanti Region, Ghana


Ezekiel is 23 years old and lives with his parents. He is currently attending university and runs a mobile money merchant business. For the past three years, he has been growing his business daily. His main motivation is to help the poor and needy. Having been through poverty before, he knows how it feels. With the little he has, he uses his profits to help the needy.

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Madam Regine
Goma, North Kivu, Congo


Madam Regine is a 35-year-old, married mother of four school-age children. Her husband works for the state. She sells a variety of products in her store; she began her business eight years ago with the financial backing of her husband. She plans to stock up on merchandise, including rice, laundry detergent, and sugar. Her dream is for her children to continue their education.

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Goma, North Kivu, Congo


Cecile is a 56-year-old, married mother of seven school-aged children. Her husband is a teacher. She established her business selling charcoal three years ago. With her loan, she bought a supply of charcoal and oil. Her business does not present any problems from the COVID pandemic. She would like to buy a plot of land on which to build a house.

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Lusaka, Zambia


Mhlangeni is a farmer, growing crops for family and to sell. He works hard to care for kin and support his community. His dream is to one day be a large commercial farmer. He is trying to expand and start supplying the retail shops and supermarkets. He supports many families in the community to achieve their goals of paying school fees for their families.

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Nakuru, Kenya


John is a teacher employed in a private primary school. He and his wife own a small store. They sell different household items like sugar, rice, maize & wheat flour, cereals, cooking oil, detergents and many others. They plan to start selling wholesale like sweets, rice,sugar,sanitary towels and others. Now that the country is gradually reopening, they will increase their inventory.

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Doho Beach, Kenya


Kennedy is a husband and a father to a five-year-old boy. A former accountant, he started an agribusiness working alongside his employees. He used the loan to increase his ballast production. Ballast is a building material produced manually from rocks. He currently has many orders due to the ongoing building projects within his county.

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Kasoa, Ghana


Sumilia is married with two kids. Because of a poor educational background, she started helping her mother in business. Later, her husband setup a wholesale business with her. They sell all kinds of beverages and her loan was used to replenish her inventories. She was able to expand her store and increase sales.

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Lekki-lagos, Nigeria


Justice is in his final year in marketing school and an entrepreneur. The pandemic crippled a lot of businesses in his area. He is starting a recharge card business to support himself and employ other people. He used his loan to obtain more rechargeable mobile phone cards for customers.

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Nyamira, Kenya


Job has been poultry farming since childhood, and now runs his own poultry business with 30 chickens. He sells both eggs and chickens in his local market. He used his loan to expand his business to a larger scale and expand to neighboring towns. Currently, he has more than 70 hens and collects more than 50 eggs daily. Next, he plans to build a hatchery to become self-sustainable.

Zidi Parine.jpg

Nairobi , Kenya


Parine began selling boiled eggs while in school. Later, she opened a shop selling eggs and now supplies wholesale eggs to most of her neighborhood, primarily selling in Nairobi, Dagorretti, and Adams. Each day she delivers eggs to all of her customers' homes and businesses. She used her loan to expand her business and better support her family.

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Thika, Kenya


Hellen opened her hardware shop after marrying her husband. She primarily sells plastic housewares, tools, screws, brooms, and much more. She chose this business because she is passionate about it. The business is able to support her family. Her loan was used to add inventory, including portable hand wash tanks, buckets, basins, taps, poultry feeders, face masks and sanitizers.

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Nandi Hills, Kenya


Dismas lives with his mother and sister. After completing college in 2015, he started the Nandi Digital Center and used his loan to expand his business. He currently owns four desktop computers to prepare secondary school students for college-level computers and IT. Additionally, he offers Internet-services, printing, scanning, photocopying, and a game center for area children.

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